GRP Tanks

Manufacturing Technique

  • Filament winding :

This is the winding of wire form material or tape around a reference mandrel.

  • Contact molding :

    This is the simplest method of composite products, which allows you to create different shapes that they need only surface finishing.

  • Simultaneous projection

Horizontal Tanks

This type of tanks are the most suitable for surface facilities that have a height restriction due to urban planning requirementsvisual impactor the available space limitation

GCER offers a range of horizontal tanks in SVR – GRP or SVR – GRP with a thermoplastic liner.
These tanks can be of the following forms :
• RCMP or PRC bottomed tanks
• Flat bottomed tanks
• Tanks with hemispherical bottom

The design is made on the basis of the European standard EN 13121or according to various global standards.

The maximum achievable diameter is of Ø 6000mm but on request we can make tanks with smaller diameters.

Vertical tanks on apron​

Vertical tanks with apron are built in SVR  GRP or SVR  GRP with a thermoplastic liner.

The design is made on the basis of the European standard EN 13121or according to various global standards.

These tanks usually have the upper and lower ends roundedbut it is possible to have flat or conical bottoms.

The standard volumes range from 1 to 150m³ and diameters range from 1 m to 4 m.

Vertical tanks on foot

These tanks are used to hold food or industrial products. Their features allow the tank to be emptied from time to time completely. This format is ideal for the storage of products that have very strict health requirements, products that need a thorough cleaning of the tank after draining liquids which have rich sedimentary impurities content, etc.

Vertical tanks on legs are built in SVR  GRP or SVR  GRP with a thermoplastic liner.

The design is made on the basis of the European standard EN 13121or according to various global standards.

These tanks usually have the upper and lower ends roundedbut it is possible to have the upper flat bottomed.

Standard volumes range from 1 to 60 m³, standard diameters can vary from 1000 to 3000 mm.

On requestwe can carry on tanks with smaller diameters.

Vertical tanks with flat bottom

This is the most suitable for air storage facility forms. That usually is due to their low cost and ease of installation directly on a concrete slab without any additional operation.

Vertical flat bottom tanks are built in SVR – GRP or SVR – GRP with a thermoplastic liner.

The design of the tanks in SVR – GRP is made on the basis of the European standard EN 13121-3.

Alternately in all standards BS 4994, ASTM D 3299, ASTM D-4097, AD 2000 Merkblatt-N1, NF T57-900, ASMEX and ASME RTP-1.

Generally, SVR – GRP tanks are with a RCMP or CRP roof shape, but according to the project or application they can be with :

• A flat sloping bottom
• A flat roof or a partial roof
• A conical roof
• Roofless 

The shell is made by filament winding process,
funds and accessories by contact molding in or projection.

The shell is made by a filament winding process, funds and accessories by contact molding in or projection. 

The maximum achievable diameter is  Ø 6000mm

Vertical flat bottomed tanks are placed on concrete pedestals made by the customer.

Underground tank

It is the most adapted for overhead storage systems.

The main factors are their inexpensive cost and ease of installation: they can be directly sited on a concrete base with no further preparation required.
Flat bottom vertical tanks are build in GRP-double laminate or GRP-double laminate with a thermoplastic liner.

Double walls tanks

Double wall tanks are dedicated to potentially dangerous liquids.

Two possible set-up:

Reinforced vertical cylindrical tank with additional containment
Horizontal tank fully enclosed in a retention tank

A leak detection system monitors the fluid levels.

Transport tanks

Double laminate tanks are appropriate for transport of chemicals or food products by road.
A transport vessel is fitted with the main following elements:
• Service equipment (nozzles, pipingvalve systemspumpscleaning system)
Truck mounting system

Transport tank volumes vary between 1m3 and 25m3

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