At your service for any mounting pipes

Any mounting requires intervention on site, this procedure depends on the type of equipment that will be installed.

Displacement on site for installation pipes

For sheet metal equipment in SVR (Storage tanks, ….): GCER offers its expertise for the installation and attachment of these devices and their accessories such as bridges, ladders, cradles, pipes, brackets …

We take care of on-site assembly of piping systems SVR – prefabricated GRP in our own workshops and this for chemical applications, seawater desalination units, pumping stations. We are able to provide and install on site all the metal parts (engineering department) for supporting these pipes GRP (frames, media ….)

Best of the piping assembly service in GCER

Besides our expertise and skills in terms of pipe mounting, the pride of GCER is its human capital. Our team intervener sites consists of a Site Manager, a Quality Manager security environment, a project coordinator, laminators and welders certified by well-known organizations.

Our team used to work in difficult and dangerous reputable sites (chemical, petrochemical …), they are able to handle any type of gear and nacelles … From prevention plan to markup the work area, all safety rules are considered.

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PlainHill is a GCER partner in Latin America , it is an engineering, project management and field services consultants team up to quickly and precisely identify the needs of our clients and the elaboration innovative and cost-effective solutions that make sense to them.