Mining industry

Mining Industry

GRP piping and fittings constitute the best choice to transport mineral ores and mining waste in the mining industry.

The composite’s unique mechanical properties, its safety and reliability have led to an increased use of GRP pipes in the mining industry.

GRP or dual laminate (GRP with thermoplastic lining) pipes presents the following advantages over the use of heavy metallic pipes: With a high resistance to abrasion and their smooth inner surface, these pipes also resist exceptionally well to corrosive chemicals and mechanical impacts. In addition, installation of GRP piping is easier and much cheaper than any alternative, and the piping systems are simple to operate.

In the Mining industry, piping and various accessories are used for grouting, for the blast hole and the mine’s loader, to transport water, for coal handling and preparation plants (“wash plant”) and to convey chemicals.

GCER-products in the mining sector

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