The need to reduce pollution loads emitted by fumes falls within a comprehensive approach to environmental protection.

Many good reasons push for a drastic reducing of pollutants-loaded gaseous emissions: their impact on human health and ecosystems, greenhouse effect and global warming, excessive ozone emissions in urban environments, olfactory nuisances etc.

Equipment for flue gas and fumes treatment is a key expertise at GCER. GCER has a head start to produce whatever production plan or complex materials you wish to use. Our experience and our efforts combined will produce an equipment binging together guaranteed quality and esthetic appeal.

GCER-products in the environmental sector

GCER has a proven record of accomplishment of complex boiler-manufacturing projects for air-handling units, flue and exhaust gas-treatment units or gas scrubbers.

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PlainHill is a GCER partner in Latin America , it is an engineering, project management and field services consultants team up to quickly and precisely identify the needs of our clients and the elaboration innovative and cost-effective solutions that make sense to them.