Wastewater Treatment

GCER offers a comprehensive range of integrated solutions for the needs of both water and wastewater treatment plants. Far above our competitors, GCER’s pipes and fittings systems insure consistent performances through the entire treatment system.

Corrosion resistance properties guarantee a good long-term stability. They also provide lower maintenance costs. GCER offers in addition to GRP-FRP, thermoplastic and hoop wrapped thermoplastic piping systems.

The piping systems are easy to install and repair and their assembly can be done without problem.

Our responsive product assistance team is composed of application engineers, material scientists, sales technical representatives and quality control managers.

GCER-products in the wastewater treatment sector

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PlainHill is a GCER partner in Latin America , it is an engineering, project management and field services consultants team up to quickly and precisely identify the needs of our clients and the elaboration innovative and cost-effective solutions that make sense to them.