Water and water desalination

GCER - Your partner for water treatment

GCER has know-how and a large experience in the water business. We offer a range of industrial pipes and boiler of high quality

combining good mechanical strength, lightness employment and a long service life.

GCER present for any project of treatment of waste water and the desalination of seawater.

Our products for the treatment of water

Because we believe in the need to protect the environment and that of our planet, Our products for environmental companies in terms of industrial piping and boiler works in Tunisia are mainly made of Stratified Glass Resin materials or thermoplastic materials (PVC / HDPE / PPH / PVDF) and fully meet their needs for protection against corrosion.

Our tubes, fittings and tanks used in the construction of seawater desalination plants and waste water treatment are designed of SVR, a composite material that guarantees a good water conductivity, for proper treatment and a final result worthy of your expectations.

Our Resources for a successful water treatment project

GCER has the means of production and human resources to carry out any type of seawater desalination unit including:

  • The sea water desalination units by membrane processes (electrodialysis, reverse osmosis, or membrane distillation)
  • Sea water desalination units by hybrid processes that combine in general: an MSF distillation unit, a reverse osmosis unit OI, and a thermal power plant.
  • Desalination plants with distillation processes : processes with multiple effects, FLASH process, single action Distillation.
  • Our research and our production team will take charge of all spoolage operations of Cutting, Assistive devices, manufacturing and assembly in accordance with your requirements and standards EN, DIN or ASME.

Air, Water and rubbish treatments

We offer appropriate solutions for each type of use and are at your disposal to meet your needs for :

  • Silo of reagents and rubbish
  • Tanks of water and effluents
  • Settling tanks, reactors and reactions tower,
  • Aspirations and ducts

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PlainHill is a GCER partner in Latin America , it is an engineering, project management and field services consultants team up to quickly and precisely identify the needs of our clients and the elaboration innovative and cost-effective solutions that make sense to them.