GRP prefabrication workshop

GCER - Industrial Piping Company In Tunisia

We have the privilege to offer high quality industrial products through raw material of choiceespecially with a composition of fiberglassthe inescapable GLR (Glass Laminate Resin.)

We developed in our own business, manufacturing and prefabrication workshop dedicated to tubing production.

What is the manufacturing process of industrial pipes ?

The production of our industrial piping systems is done in 3 steps:

  • The production of tubes will depend on the nature of your liquid whether it is chemical, alimentary or other.

  • Production of accessories that allow pipe soldering (ElbowsTeesDiscountsfull Brides…)
  • The assembling of tubes and accessories for a finished product, ready for use.

As the nature of the liquid conveyed in these devices, we offer piping networks :

  • Solid GRP (vinylester resin, isophthalic or orthophthalic)


What are the characteristics and advantages of our GRP piping ?

Our industrial piping in Tunisia has characteristics that are worth to be the best compromise in comparison with other materials (steel, concrete, inox…) 

  • It allows a very good chemical and mechanical resistance against corrosion and aggressive fluids

  • It is able to keep the physicochemical properties of the fluid conveyed as it supports according to the retained GRP material, or MTP MTP shrink from a temperature ranging from -40 ° to 180 °.

These are characteristics strongly demanded by the chemical plants, petrochemical, desalination plant seawater and pumping stations. Our motto is to satisfy you fully and provide the best products and the best service.

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