Metal construction workshop

GCER - Metal Construction Company In Tunisia :

Committed to a well accomplished service GCER worked on the possibility of consolidating all trades related to its business and that’s why we created a metal construction department and mechanical welding. This workshop allows us to be independent and to manage response times

The composition of our metal construction workshop : 

Through this workshop, our services are more complete and offers industrial end product and its metal support. We have a production capacity of about 120 tons of metalware per month.

Our metal construction workshop in Tunisia is equipped with these following machines :

1 overhead crane 5 of Tons
A plasma cutting table that can cut a thickness of 200 mm
3 Mechanical tours including a 17 m long
2 milling machines
2 radial drills
1 handset
1 to 40 mm rolling machine
1 bending press
1 semi-automatic saw
4 semi-automatic stations
6 positions Arcs 400 amps
1 profiled bending machine

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