Large Diameter Boiler Workshop

Large diameter boiler-making capability

Following an increased demand for GRP storage and tanks of large diameters, GCER extended its manufacturing area. GCER built a new workshop of  3400 m2 and 16 m height under hook equipped with 2 overhead travelling craves of 20t lifting capacity each and two separate lines for filament winding. The objective is to produce 2 cylinder walls / day. GCER is able to answer its partners and customers needs and manufacture storage tanks up of Ø from 2000 mm up to 7000 mm. GCER takes great pride in working in conditions respecting the environment and the health and safety of its employees. Therefore, it also invested in 2 VOC central vacuum removal systems and industrial dust extractors. GCER also produces the flat and convex bottoms in the same area to increase productivity, avoid unnecessary handling and guarantee a better quality.

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