Accessories workshop

GCER – pipefittings and boiler accessories

Our goal is more than to ship you a simple product such as a tank or pipe. Our goal is to offer you complete equipment and insure a smooth and proper functioning of your industry.

For this reason, GCER has developed a full workshop dedicated to pipefittings and boiler accessories. 

Different types of fitting and accessories :

Each industry has its specific needs. Manufacturing differs from one project to the other. GCER designs and manufactures a multitude of parts and fittings attached to piping systems and boilers.

Parts and accessories for piping and boilers are manufactured either in laminated thermoplastic materials or in solid laminated GRP. Our most standard parts are collars, fixed, lapped or blind flanges, elbows, tees, reducers and caps.

Fittings and Accessories Workshop Equipment

GCER is equipped with all reputable necessary equipment. Molds and counter-molds for manufacturing, presses and glazing machines for finishing and a high-performance process making the production of 150 to 200 accessories per day possible.

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PlainHill is a GCER partner in Latin America , it is an engineering, project management and field services consultants team up to quickly and precisely identify the needs of our clients and the elaboration innovative and cost-effective solutions that make sense to them.