Filament Winding Workshop

GCER - Linear Winding Specialist :

We designed a workshop dedicated entirely to the filament winding in Tunisia to ensure a continuous production and quality with our high-performance winding machines and a qualified team. 

Winding Workshop Presentation :

Our workshop has a large working surface welcoming 3 filament winding lines.

This allows us to ensure a production capacity of 200 ml / day on average diameter Ø 1000 mm. Our winding workshop also has two cranes of 10 tons each.

Our different sizes of mandrels :

In order to satisfy you and be able to support you in all your projects, our GCER tubes are manufactured by filament winding method can take several diameters. We offer the following cores : Ø 25 mm up to Ø 250 mm in 6 ml, Ø 300 mm to Ø 450 mm in 10 ml, Ø 500 mm to Ø 1000 mm in 12 ml, Ø 1100 mm to Ø 1400 mm in 10 ml, Ø 1500 mm to 2000 mm in 6 ml. 

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