Filter Workshop

Filter workshop

GCER filters are generally cylinder-shaped with the filtration system inside the tube. They are equipped with entrance and exit systems closed with flange-mounted caps or a closing system providing easy to access the inside of the tube. How it works: The pump brings salt-water to the filter. Salt-water travels through a separation system separating solid particles from the water, exiting through the tapping pipe outlet.

Manufacturing: filters are manufactured by tex 2400 filament winding. This provides high mechanical resistance to the filter.

Range: filters are available with an extensive diameter range up to DN 4000, can withstand high flow fluid and a nominal pressure up to 10 bars.  Cartridge filters manufactured by GCER are:

  • DN1600/CartridgeWound polypropylene
  • DN1200/CartridgeWound polypropylene
  • DN900/CartridgeWound polypropyleneQ-style Filters
  • DN700/CartridgeWound polypropylene
  • DN600/CartridgeWound polypropylene Filter Bags 
  • DN500/Cartridgeglazed polypropylene
  • DN2002S SERVICES/Cartridgeglazed polypropylene

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