GCER designs silos and tanks specific for the food processing industry. Foodstuff storage is very strictly regulated.

This is why food-grade official certificates come with very one of our storage containers and reservoirs to bring you the absolute guaranty for their intended use. These certificates delivered by the Tunisian Ministry of Health certify that GRP tanks and pipes are suitable for contact with all type of foodstuff and drinking water, as determined by test results done by the national Packaging and Conditioning technical center.

GCER is proud of its GRP storage tanks and pipes certification by NSF international, an independent world leader in public health and safety. As a leader in quality and safety norms, NSF provides third party certifications showing that a company abides by a referenced set of quality standards. GCER has undergone a very stringent evaluation in order to receive the NSF certification. To maintain a safe production environment and the ongoing quality for GCER brand, GCER agrees to comply with NSF ongoing certification requirements: they include rigorous testing, norms and unannounced audit of the manufacturing facilities and periodic routine testing to verify ongoing compliance with the standards.

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